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I Want to Turn This Situation Around, but It’s Too Hard

Melody-Rose here. I’ve been working with Dr. David Holt, the Total Biology consultant Dr. Dean recommends. (Later in the month I hope to write about this interaction in more detail.) We’ve had some […]

We’ve Been Told Surgery Is the Best/Only Option! What Can We Do?

Many writers send me letters that they have been told by their doctor that surgery is the best/only option. At the time, they are so stunned, they don’t know what questions to […]

3 reasons to add ReMag Lotion to your skincare routine

Everybody knows that skin needs nourishment. That’s why an estimated 52 percent of U.S. consumers use skin care products every day. Adequate hydration is the cornerstone of well-nourished skin. So, if you’re […]